XL600+ DB – All In One Solution 8051 Development Boards

When it comes to 8051 Development Boards XL600+ development board is a good choice for all the beginners. Anybody can easily use these boards because of its external interfacing connectors. In XL600+ DB all interfacing peripherals has external connectors, through this we can interface with outside digital world. XL600+ DB doesn’t need external power supply, the power supply is provided through USB cable and same cable is required for programming. For programming and power supply a board should be connected to a PC. XL600+ DB has a broad range of peripherals which is programmed by 8051 controllers. It can support any IC of 8051 family.

XL600+ Development Board
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XL600+ DB Features

XL600+ DB has IC Socket which has small spindle to fix and to take out the 8051 chips. The surrounding of IC Socket there are four external I/O port connectors for the IC. Using these four port connectors you can interface any peripherals on board as well as outside modules.

XL600+ DB works on 12.00MHZ Crystal frequency. Full Access to Every Flash memory location, RAM Location, and SFR for READ/WRITE/ERASE operations is provided.

This board contains 8 seven segment digits in multiplex mode , 8 LED’s , 8bit ADC0804 , 1 Relay , DAC0832 , Stepper motor driver , Buzzer , Infrared Remote control receiver , Reset Circuit , PS2 connector for PC keyboard , USB communication connector , Real time clock DS1302 with battery supply , 16X2 Character LCD Socket and also supports for Graphical LCD , 8Slide Swiches , 16 Matrix Switches. All these peripherals works on 5V Board supply. To program the controller first a code should be written on   Keil software and in the same a hex file should be created to load into microcontroller. A controller is programmed through a USB communication connector.

Below are the Interfacing Microcontrollers for the XL600+ DB.

8051 Family:

AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89S8252, AT89LS51, AT89LS52, AT89LS53, AT89LS8252.

AVR Family:

AT90S2323 , AT90S2343AT90S4433 , AT90S8535ATmega16 , ATmega16L , ATmega161 , ATmega161L , ATmega163 , ATmega32 , ATmega32L , ATmega323 , ATmega323L , ATmega64 , ATmega64L , ATmega8.

PIC Family:

PIC16F870, PIC16F871, PIC16F872 , PIC16F873 , PIC16F874 , PIC16F876 , PIC16F877.

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