8051 Project Board – Small and Simple Development Board

In embedded world, microcontrollers have vast importance due to their amazing features. Working on microcontrollers is like a playing a game. This chip has a simple architecture but can make millions of applications. A small home appliance to industrial machine control can be implemented using 8051 Project Board.

8051 Project Board is simple, smart and easy to use board especially for beginners. This development board is a good choice for students to do project on it.

8051 Project Board

About 8051 Project Board

8051 Project Board has four external ports  (P0 – P3) connectors to interface with external circuits. The board is In-system programmable (ISP) which means the board can be programmed without removing MCU from the system board. 8051 Project Board can be reset in two ways,

  • Power on Reset: Which resets the 8051 MCU when power is turned ON.
  • Manual Reset: In which reset happens only when a push button is pressed manually.


8051 Project Board has a serial interface that acts as a transceiver for data. Using RS232 cable, data can be transmitted and received through a PC. To test the board there is a single LED connected to P1.0 of controller that can be blinked by programming the controller. The board has a quartz  crystal oscillator which is 11.0592MHZ. 8051 Project Board has 3 external power connectors – GND, +5V, +12V.


  • Small in size and cost is reduced.
  • Whole board works on +5V DC Supply.
  • 8051 MCU can be reset in two ways Power-on-Reset and Manual Reset
  • MCU chip can be replaced with new one if any damage has occurred to old one.
  • All the 8051 family microcontrollers can be interfaced with this board.
  • On Board quartz Crystal oscillator.
  • It is In-System programming (ISP) and In-Application Programming.


Programming Tools for the board

There are two tools needed to work on 8051 Project Board, the first one is Keil uVision. In this tool, code is written in “C” or “Assembly” language and in the same a hex file is created. After creating the hex file, Flash magic is used to load and erase the hex file in MCU. Using RS232 cable data can be transferred to the MCU.


8051 Project Board is an ideal low cost development board for students, professionals, hobbyists and industry that can be used for developing projects based on 8051 microcontroller (μc). 8051 Project Board employs NXP’s P89V51RD2 8051 μc along with the required dependencies – power supply and serial interface.

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Posted By Siraj Sanadi

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