Inter-Disciplinary Projects

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VLSI Projects

  1. Characterization & Implementation multipliers
  2. Characterization & Implementation of Adders
  3. Humidity and temperature indicator and control system for Irrigation.
  4. Fuzzy logic based Electric Vehicle.
  5. Automatic Fan and light control based on atmosphere humidity, temperature and brightness.
  6. Liquid (Water) level indicator and control based on FPGA.
  7. FPGA based Electronic Voting Machine.
  8. Automatic Bridge control for Ship movement and Traffic.
  9. Dual elevator.
  10. EDGE detection of video on spartan6.
  11. Object tracking on FPGA.
  12. Cordic Algorithm.
  13. ALU design.
  14. UART design (RS232)
  15. FIR and IIR filter design.
  16. RPM counter.
  17. Microcontroller design using HDL.

Embedded Projects

    RFID & Finger print based projects

    1. RFID Based Library Management System.
    2. RFID Based Local Vehicle Tracking System
    3. RFID Based Security System.
    4. RFID Based Attendance System.
    5. RFID Based Railway Reservation.
    6. RFID Based Shopping Cart.
    7. Automatic Toll Tax Deduction System.
    8. RFID Based ATM Machine.
    9. Energy Meter with Recharge Option.
    10. Electronic Road Pricing.
    11. RFID Based Inventory Tracking System
    12. RFID Based Voting Machine.
    13. RFID Based Ration Card.
    14. RFID Based Banking System.
    15. RFID Based Metro Train Prototype.
    16. Animal Identification Device.
    17. Unmanned toll taxi using RFID
    18. RFID based Books Detector Robot for Library
    19. RFID Based Attendance Monitoring System
    20. Voter Credentials and Authentication System Using RFID Technology
    21. RFID & GSM based Auto Attendance Monitoring And Student Performance Enquiry System
    22. Student Data Logging System into College Website based on RFID or Finger Print Sensor
    23. A Modular Cost-Effective Mobile Robot Navigation System using RFID Technology
    24. A Multi-Robot Coordination System based on RFID Technology
    25. A Blind Navigation System Using RFID for Indoor Environments
    26. An RFID based Pilgrim Identification System
    27. Automatic Rationing for Public Distribution System (PDS) using RFID for Preventing Smuggling of Goods
    28. GSM based Home or Industrial Automation System
    29. Unmanned Petrol bunk
    30. Much more..... Contact us with your idea

    GSM based projects

    1. GSM Based Home Appliances Control.
    2. GSM Based Voting Machine.
    3. GSM Based Motor Control.
    4. GSM Based Home Security System.
    5. GSM Based Energy Meter Monitoring.
    6. GSM Based Controlled Wireless Robot.
    7. Interfacing GSM Mobile to PC.
    8. GSM Based Stepper Motor Control.
    9. GSM Based Vehicle Ignition System for Safety.
    10. GSM Based Generator Start/Stop.
    11. GSM Based Vending Machine
    12. GSM Based Anti Theft System for Vehicles.
    13. GSM Railways Reservation.
    14. GSM Vehicle Location Finder for Parking.
    15. GSM Based NoticeBoard.
    16. GSM based Tele-monitoring system
    17. Much more..... Contact us with your idea

    Robotics projects

    1. Electronic robo car.
    2. Line follower robot.
    3. Automatic bottle filling system..
    4. Fire fighting robot.
    5. Servomotor based walking robot.
    6. Survellience robot.
    7. Light Finder Robotic Vehicle
    8. Voice Command based Humanoid Robot
    9. Blind navigating robot
    10. Gesture controlled robot
    11. Much more..... Contact us with your idea

    DTMF based projects

    1. Home Security with Password.
    2. Home Appliance Control.
    3. Energy Meter.
    4. Robot Control.
    5. DC Motor Control.
    6. Industrial application.
    7. Home automation
    8. Much more..... Contact us with your idea

    Some interesting projects

    1. Data Acquisition and Data Logging System using PIC microcontroller and Matlab Application
    2. Solenoid Valve based Automated Irrigation System
    3. Automatic Water Supply System For Green House(RTC)
    4. Auto Wiper Speed Controller According To Rain Force
    5. Microcontroller Based Digital Voltmeter Ammeter
    6. Alive Being Detector Robotic Vehicle using PIR Sensor and Wireless Camera
    7. Automated Smart LED Lighting System with Sun Direction Tracking System
    8. Automatic Control Of Exhaust Fan Coupled With Gas Leakage Detector
    9. Intelligent Highway Police Patrolling System with Speed Sensors & Camera for the violation of Speed Limits
    10. A Novel Rear end Collision, Accident Avoidance, Distance Measuring using Ultra-Sonic Sensor
    11. Implementation of a Master Slave Architecture using the I2C Protocol for Non Volatile Data Logging
    12. Implementation of CAN Bus in an Autonomous all Terrain Vehicle
    13. Zigbee Intelligent Monitoring & Controlling System
    14. Wireless Embedded Message Display Interfaced by PS2 Keyboard
    15. RF Remote Controller For Home Appliances
    16. Microcontroller Based Function Generator
    17. Embedded Sensor System For Early Pathology Detection In Building Construction.
    18. Prototype of RF based station intimation coach status information and control system.
    19. Signal Indicator For Vehicles In Single Hairpin Bend And Vehicle Counter.
    20. RFID Based System For Class Room Identification For Visually Impaired.
    21. Finger Based License, RFID Based RC Book For Vehicle.
    22. Automatic Train Station Announcement System With Bomb Detection.
    23. Involuntary station name display with voice attentive system for train
    24. Automated pollution detection and monitoring system using carbon sensors
    25. Automatic Traffic Controller For Ambulance And VIP Vehicles
    26. Microcontroller based wireless energy meter
    27. PID Based Flow Controller
    28. Industrial Power Saving and Automatic Attendance System
    29. IR sensor based home/industrial Automation
    30. Automatic drunken drive avoiding system for automobile
    31. Finger print based Lift operating system
    32. Finger print based door open close system
    33. Finger print based voting machine
    34. Microcontroller Based Automatic Track Guided vehicle
    35. Electrical Appliances Controlling System Using Cell Phone
    36. DC/DC converter with Solar Panel PV applications
    37. CAN Based Energy Billing System
    38. Remote controlled AC/DC Motor Speed Controlling System
    39. Microcontroller Based Temperature and Respiration Monitoring System
    40. Microcontroller Based Automatic Moisture and Light control System for Garden
    41. Microcontroller Based Industry Safety Control System
    42. Automatic Vehicle Over Speed Indication and Controlling System
    43. Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System
    44. Microcontroller Based Automatic Railways Signaling System
    45. Much more..... Contact us with your idea

MATLAB Projects

  1. Image reconstruction for characterization of different filters.
  2. ELD with GUI.
  3. Skin texture analysis for human skin.
  4. Speaker recognition for industrial security with FPGA/ Embedded.
  5. Controlling of Appliances using MATLAB GUI.
  6. PC controlled robot
  7. Much more..... Contact us with your idea